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Located in Puerto Iguazú, Posada 21 Oranges puts all its experience and knowledge at your disposal to make your stay unforgettable moments. Restaurants, discovering Foz do Iguaçu- Brazil or Ciudad del Este-Paraguay are some of the many things our team can help you with! Get in touch with us, it will be a pleasure to help you.

Iguacu National Park -Argentina

One of the most impressive tourist spots on the planet, the Iguazu Falls are simply amazing. Two thirds of the falls are on the Argentine side of the river. Plan at least 01 day for the Argentine side to fully enjoy its beauty. The falls are part of a singular practically virgin jungle ecosystem protected by Argentine and Brazilian national parks on either side of the cascades. Two thirds of the falls are on the Argentinian side of the river . plan at least a full day ( maybe 2) only for the Argentinian side to fully enjoy the wildlife flora and fauna.

Iguacu National Park -Brazil

Experiencing the falls on both sides will give you a real sense of the grandeur of one of the new 7 wonders of nature. On the Brazilian side, you can benefit from full frontal and panoramic views of the falls. The ideal place to take pictures!In the Brazilian side you can benefit from full frontal and panoramic views of the cascades. Catch the bus from the Visitor Center to the Path of the Falls. The 1,200 meter trail brings you face-to-face with the 80 meter (262 feet) drop of Devil’s Throat. This is an ideal time for taking photos. There’s also a lift that presents an aerial view of Iguazú Falls in its entirety.

Guira Oga Wild Life Refuge

Güirá Oga means "bird house" in Guarani, but all kinds of animals are brought here. They are pampered to, hopefully, free them back to nature. You'll find toucans, parrots, birds of prey, foxes, possums, anteaters, and more.

Casino Iguazú

Is the perfect options to entertain and bring even more fun to your trip. At Cassino Iguazú you will find multiple alternatives of leisure like happy hours, band performances, and of course a lot of gambling. For more info check: http://casinoiguazu.com/

La Aripuca

The main attraction is a huge copy of a Guarani trap or "Aripuca", a large structure built with 30 trunks of giant trees that fell during storms or that were saved from the sawmill. After the guided walk, you will be free to walk around and to the sound of good music and several options for entertainment. The main attraction is a huge copy of a guarani animal trap or " Aripuca " , a big structure built from 30 giant tree trunks that fell down during storms or that have been saved from the sawmill .After the guided walk you will be free to walk around and listen to some live harp music or try archery, sit down to lunch at their restaurant and mosey around the artisan souvenir products. ​

Bird Park

The Bird Park (Parque Das Aves in Portugese), located in the town of Foz do Iguacu, near the famous Iguacu Falls . This world-class Bird Park is situated on 16 hectares (40 acres) of native subtropical forest and provides shelter for around a thousand birds (160 species) as well as butterflies and humming birds from both all South America and other exotic places. Also, it's possible to enter those enclosures and admire all the beauty of the exotic colorful birds: wide variety of parrots, toucans, eagles, owls and others. It's a perfect place for photography as there's no fence between the camera and the object so the photos look as if they were taken in the natural, original environment.

IceBar Iguazú

Get ready for a freezing adventure! Icebar Iguazú is an ice bar that offers a unique experience to its visitors! You will be able to enjoy exclusive drinks made for you, take many photos and contemplate ice sculptures composed by different artists. For more information visit: icebariguazu.com

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